Warranty: First Class Fireplaces


Fireplaces are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of installation.
Warranty will be Null and Void in the instances of overheating and over firing the fire.
Grates and ash pans are known as the consumables and are not under warranty.
We will not be liable for any additional works including re-decorating, carpet, floor cleaning carried out by You post-delivery/installation.
Marble and Stone fireplaces are natural products and every fireplace constructed from these material can be different. We cannot guarantee colour and veining consistency within the product.
Marble and Stone Fireplaces are porous materials and may stain if smoke/soot penetrate the surface or if liquids are spilled onto them. We are not liable for any damages to material resulting from this.
Cast Iron Fireplace surrounds/inserts/front frets can discolour with the heat from the open fire. We are not responsible for this.

Stove installation is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of installation prior to chimney cleaning and maintenance.
Stove warranties are supplied along with all stoves that vary in duration between manufacturers. Please check the manufacturer manual and guidelines which may recommend online registration or registration by post. We are not responsible for Your warranty.
The stove consumable parts including grates, fire brick, baffles plates, glass, stove rope are not under warranty unless otherwise stated in the manufacturer guidelines.
You must burn the correct fuels according to manufacturer’s guidelines. We are not responsible for over firing/overheating of Your stove.
We recommend cleaning Your chimney prior to installation.
Your chimney must be cleaned at least once per year or according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and/or chimney sweep recommendations.
We are not responsible for stoves that are sold on a ‘Supply Only’ basis and any subsequent poor performance due to inadequate installation.
Hearth plinths, distance to combustibles and flue pipe must be installed according to manufacturer’s guidelines and local building regulations.


Ownership of Goods:

Goods remain the property of First Class Fireplaces until paid for in full.



We reserve right to refund/not refund deposits or any part payment thereof. We will decide this on a case by case situation and this is non-negotiable.
Refunds will not be offered on special orders. You will be made aware of this prior to Order.
Special Orders include bespoke fireplaces, hearth plinths, flue systems, stove glass, fire brick, fire rope, spare parts
Important: Our contract with the customer requires the customer to return cancelled goods at the customer’s expense or cover the cost of collection arranged by Flame Fireplaces.



For Faulty Goods:

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, a customer has an early right to reject goods that are unsatisfactory quality, unfit for purpose or not as described, and get a full refund. This right is limited to 30 days from the date the customer took ownership of the goods. If an item is faulty and needs to be returned, the customer does not need to pay postage costs for the return of the faulty item. If a customer is asked to return an item that arrived damaged, not as described or faulty, the retailer should refund the total cost of the return.