Chimney Inspection in Meath

At First Class Fireplaces, we offer a comprehensive chimney inspection in Meath service. We use the latest technology and digital chimney eye camera to survey the inside of your chimney, looking for any unsafe conditions.

Many people are unaware that breaks (no matter the size) in the chimney liner can allow condensation and even combustible gases into their home. Cracks in the liner of your chimney is considered an extreme fire risk, which is why it is so important to have your chimney inspection in Meath done as soon as you think there may be an issue.

Using our digital chimney eye camera, we will be able to inspect your chimney properly and closely to pinpoint any damages that have been sustained inside the chimney. By using this camera, we avoid the need to place holes in your walls, and if an issue is found, the repairs can be completed efficiently by our team of experts.

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Why Have A Chimney Inspection in Meath

Here are some tips on when and why you should have a chimney inspection in Meath done:

Here are some tips on when and why you should have a chimney inspection in Meath done:

  • After moving into a new house, you should always have a chimney inspection done if you intend to use the fireplace

  • If you have recently had a chimney fire

  • If you are experiencing the smell of smoke in other rooms while a fire is lit

  • If you notice any cracks or smoke marks on walls that surround the chimney breast or stack

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FAQ About Chimney Inspections in Meath

  • How do I know I need a chimney inspection?

    There are many signs of needing a chimney inspection in Meath, but the most common would be smelling smoke in other areas of the house while the fire is lit. By this we mean if you are upstairs and can smell the fire smoke perfectly, that usually indicates a crack in the liner. Contact us today if you think you need a chimney inspection.

  • What does a chimney inspection in Meath look for?

    When you call First Class Fireplaces for a chimney inspection in Meath, we are looking for multiple things. Our digital chimney eye camera will show us if there is any damage in your chimney, any build-ups, any obstructions, or even structural issues that are concerning.

  • Where can I find a chimney inspection in Meath?

    Our office for First Class Fireplaces is located in Navan, however, we service all of Meath with our chimney inspections.