For servicing of a wide range of home products including fireplaces, stoves and chimneys, contact First Class Fireplaces Ltd


As well as supplying great fireplace and stove products, First Class Fireplaces Ltd provides a range of servicing and repair work for households and our products.


If you feel like your household is running into issues or one of our products isn’t working as intended, let us know.

For information about any of our servicing and repair work, contact First Class Fireplaces Ltd

Chimney Work

Because so many of our products depend on the proper operation of chimneys, we provide a robust chimney repair and servicing service. We are able to perform forensic chimney camera inspections thanks to our professional equipment, letting us detect unsafe chimney conditions such as chimney fire damage, missing tile liners and mortar joints, blockages and more.


We also provide a chimney cleaning service to help remove any built-up dust or debris that stops your chimney from functioning correctly.

For comprehensive chimney repair services, contact First Class Fireplaces Ltd

Stove Repair & Stove Service

We provide versatile stove repair and servicing for all of our products.


We have over two decades of experience with stove repair, and we work closely with all of our manufacturers to determine the best way to repair your product.

For professional stove repair, contact First Class Fireplaces Ltd

General & Emergency Repairs

If a certain type of repair work isn’t mentioned here, let us know and we will see what we can do. We perform all kinds of general repair work, such as fireplace repair, to ensure that your products look great and keep you warm during the colder months.


We also provide an emergency repair services, such as in the case of chimney fires where full chimney rebuilds are required as soon as possible.

For a range of general and emergency repair services, contact First Class Fireplaces Ltd

Servicing FAQ

  • Where can I find chimney cleaning services near me?

    We provide chimney cleaning services to customers in Meath and surrounding areas.

  • What kind of repair work do you do?

    We provide stove repair, fireplace repair, chimney repairs and more.