We offer a comprehensive aftercare service to ensure our customers remain happy with all their purchases. This includes servicing of all appliances we offer as well as a chimney camera eye inspection. We have a skilled, fully qualified team able to carry out inspection work on all appliances we sell. Our technicians are HETAS accredited and for gas products we have a dedicated Registered Gas Installer as well as G.I.D fitters.

Chimney Camera Eye Inspection

Rain, flue gases and freezing moisture cause erosion and deterioration in chimneys. Breaks in the chimney liner-even small ones- can allow combustion gases and condensation into your home.

First Class Fireplaces Ltd. can now obtain an accurate evaluation of your chimneys interior with our new digital chimney eye camera. We are able to show you the following unsafe chimney conditions, if they exist: improper new construction, chimney fire damage, improper prefab chimney connections, deterioration from gas appliance connections, cracks (including hairline cracks in flue-liners), broken or missing tile liners and mortar joints, hidden breeches, nests and other blockages.

When you book a chimney inspection, we will agree an appropriate time where upon two surveyors will call out to the house and conduct a survey. Upon completion of the survey a copy of the recorded data will be given to you on DVD for your records. At such time a completed report will be issued from our offices giving an exact breakdown of the chimney from flue-liner to flue-liner. This chimney report can then be forwarded on to your insurance provider to substantiate any insurance claims.

Contact us to organise your chimney eye camera inspection.